Our 2019 Project Goals

First Posted: 01-Mar-2019

When it comes to children, education is a vital part of their development. Through a properly structured system of study and focus, kids and teenagers open the possibilities for better career prospects as well as gain the confidence of understanding how the world works, therefore giving them the confidence and skills to confront life as it happens.

Along with our dedication to educating and supporting people of all ages in Uganda medically, Winds of Hope are passionate about raising the funds to help sponsor 1000 students in 2019! While Primary and Secondary education is partly free in Uganda, there are still many factors that stop students from attending school and we aim to remove as much of that for 1000 students just this year alone.

There are a large percentage of children who cannot go to school in Uganda, often for reasons of poverty or family reasons. If even a single child doesn’t receive an education, it’s a tragedy. Children are the future and since most school requirements cost money – from uniforms to the individual student’s fees – that are often not supplied to those who need them the most. Students should also never have to worry about whether they’ll be able to go just because they couldn’t afford it or because they didn’t have the right supplies.

Every child deserves a proper education. All your donations help, and we think they need it just as much as all of you do as well. For more details on how you can help, get in touch today!