Benefits of Cancer Screening

First Posted: 22-Mar-2019

When it comes to cancer, nothing is more important than helping individuals and entire communities across Uganda become more aware of the seriousness of cancer in its many forms. Cancer affects people of all ages, genders and backgrounds, so it’s essential that people understand the risks and factors that lead to the development of cancer. No matter your age or situation, your health should be the first concern and the earlier people get screened the quicker any required treatment can be provided, so the better it will be. Plus, getting regular screenings and speaking with trained healthcare professionals is the best way to be safe while putting your mind at ease.

In Uganda, cancers are often sorted or defined by type: general, cervical, breast, prostate and cancer in children. In fact, there are over 100 different types of cancer, each usually named for the organs or tissues where they form. Each can be managed, if not at least partially or even properly cured in some specific cases, so it’s essential that people are educated on the correct medical advice for their condition. While there are some benign forms of cancer, such as benign tumours which can be left alone for the immediate future, sadly if not treated correctly most active cancers can easily become fatal, so it’s imperative that people get the best assistance and advice they can. Cancer should always be taken seriously, and education is a must; some research and treatment groups offer educational programs in schools as well as for communities to promote cancer awareness.

These groups, such as the Uganda Cancer Institute ( dedicate their time and resources to help not only provide treatment for cancer sufferers but also to help educate people on cancer prevention. By working directly with the people, young or old, UCI and other groups help to increase early cancer diagnoses, improve adherence to cancer treatment and promote health interventions, both practice-based and health-based depending on the individual’s situation. By understanding the risk factors, best prevention strategies and up-to-date early detection methods as well having access to and properly utilising cancer prevention services, Ugandans can more easily work to improve the cancer care they receive across all regions.

If you or someone you know is dealing with cancer, please seek professional medical help.