Our Board, Advisors and Team

Our board currently comprises our founders and advisors from a range of backgrounds including healthcare and education.

All board members and advisors are unpaid volunteers - we do not derive any salary or benefits from our fundraising.

Our team in Uganda are a mix of part-time, casual and full-time employees, providing in-country outreach programs, services and facilitation.

Stella Nakato

Stella Nakato - Co-Counder & CEO

Stella is an Australian healthcare professional and CEO of Winds of Hope. Originally from Kampala, Uganda, she made Australia her home and works passionately to improve the lives of those with disabilities and in care.

Using her healthcare experience in Australia, and extensive experience in Uganda, Stella is passionate about expanding the centre and making supportive and palliative care available to those in need in Uganda.

A particular focus of her work is around cancer diagnosis, treatment options, counselling and nutrition education for those at risk in Uganda.

Her responsibilities include the overal operation of our Ugandan activities, and on-the-ground direction of our projects.

Email: [email protected]

Matthew Proctor

Matthew Proctor - Co-Founder

Matthew is an Australian IT professional, telecommunications executive and avid mountainclimber. Having travelled throughout most of Africa, his passion lies in healthcare and education for the disadvantaged in his second home of Uganda.

He leverages his corporate experience to help fundraise for Winds of Hope and the Cancer Care Centre, as well as being responsible for overall finances and technology.

He has fundraised for many causes over the years, both African and Australian charities, and even climbed Mt Kilimanjaro twice to raise money for those in need!

His responsibilities include all aspects of finance and technology, as well as overseeing all healthcare and education projects.

Email: [email protected]
LinkedIn: https://au.linkedin.com/in/matthewrproctor

Ugandan Team

Musa Isiah Muwanga

Musa Isiah Muwanga

Musa is a director of our Ugandan operations, and oversees all local activities, community consultation, travel planning, outreach program delivery and facilitation of our healthcare and educational associates.

He works closely with both our patients and our students, ensuring their personal and educational needs are met, and helps organise on-the-ground activities to support their families.

Musa is a qualified accountant, and is responsible for all in-country finances, NGO reporting, ACNC reporting and related matters.

Jonan Nduhuura

Jonan Nduhuura

Jonan Nduhuura is a social worker by profession and a team player with dynamic skills for organizational development. He was born on 14th/May 1985 in Buhweju District, South Western Uganda. He is a father and a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Social Work and Community Development from Kyambogo University and a Masters Degree in Social Sector Planning and Management of Makerere University.

Alongside organizational work Jonan lectures in higher learning institutions in Uganda. He has been actively engaged in and conducts community outreaches to vulnerable persons together with agencies that carry out development social work in Uganda and beyond. He is a researcher and a consultant, counselor and a master trainer in areas of community facilitation and engagement, health promotion, governance and democracy, inclusive development, skills development and Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR).

He is a social development specialist and activist of social change, peace and stability and very passionate in promoting rights of all vulnerable groups such as youths, prisoner’s refugees, persons with disabilities, people living with HIV/AIDs and Cancer and women in the community. He uses peer to peer education, clinical social work, lobby and advocacy and linking vulnerable persons to opportunities and social services.

Telephone Contact: +256 782 046 122/ +256 702 046 122

Email: [email protected]/ [email protected]

Nakato Halima

Nakato Halima

Nakato Halima is an Administrative Assistant. She went to Kawanda High School for Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education in 2009 and did her Uganda certificate of Education at Entebbe Comprehensive Secondary School and with hopes of advancing her career in guidance and counselling at a university level.

She is an HIV/AIDs activist after discovering her HIV status, and is passionate about sharing her experience inn living with HIV/AIDs and this is done through community and school outreaches. She is a talented counsellor and gives hope to many youth living with HIV/AIDs in Uganda. She is a business woman and an entrepreneur since 2014 doing business in cosmetology to support her health and life demands. In 2018 she became an inspirational speaker in community outreaches and radio stations and she is good in music and drama, she likes adventure, reading novels, inspirational music and watching movies. She is principled, fights for rights of people living with HIV/AIDs and what she wants in life.

Tel: +256 789607513

Email: [email protected]