Despite the gender gap slowly shrinking over time, girls’ education throughout Uganda still varies noticeably depending on the region. As of July 2018, it was reported that over 700,000 Ugandan girls between 6 and 12 years of age have never attended school. In fact, about half the girls aged 15 to 24 are illiterate and four out of five girls do not attend high school.

To start to change all this, Winds of Hope is currently working to sponsor 1,000 girls in Uganda in 2019, to help them have a proper and well-rounded education. We work to achieve fundraising that’s supported by both the local Ugandan and East African communities in Australia. Though we will go over this in more detail in a future post, we believe in the absolute importance of girls’ education and dedicate as much of our time and resources to achieve this.

Our recent support is for ten students at the Kisaabwa Primary School in Bukomansimbi - learn more about this in a blog post about our support of this Primary School.

Winds of Hope School Sponsorships

Winds of Hope School Sponsorships

Support Students with a Sponsorship


Covers the cost of school fees, uniforms, meals and stationery - per week


Covers the cost of school fees, uniforms, meals and stationery - per month


Covers the cost of school fees, uniforms, meals and stationery - per annum


What do Sponsorships cover?

For as little as $8 per week, our sponsorship programs cover all aspects of a child's primary or secondary education.

This includes:

  • Primary or Secondary ('Senior') school fees - paid per term (typically 3 terms per annum)
  • A minimum of two school uniforms
  • Stationery as prescribed by the local school - writing pads, pencils, etc.
  • A school-appropriate backpack.
  • School Meals where provided by the school.

Frequently asked questions

How do we ensure sponsorships are used for students?

Whilst we allocate a sponsorship to an individual student, we provide the funding directly to their school.

This avoids the pressure placed on families by having to save the sponsorship throughout a year, and ensures that the sponsorship is provided to children who attend school.

In return, we ask for updates from the school on the student's progression, which we share with sponsors who are seeking a more direct impact.

How do we choose which students to sponsor?

In essence, we'll sponsor any child who is unable to afford to attend school.

Winds of Hope works with the local community and other NGOs in a region to identify a school that has students unable to attend, and we approach schools directly to learn more baout their needs.

We will, where possible, meet with the student and their families to validate their financial situation before any sponsorship is provided.

How long does sponsorship last?

Sponsorship continues throughout the child's school years. If a sponsor halts their commitments, we will continue sponsoring the allocated child with a new sponsor where possible.

Once a child reaches the end of their school years, sponsorship is transferred to a new child in the waiting list.

You can, of course, cancel your sponsorship at any time.

Can I visit my sponsored child?

Of course! We can facilitate a visit to the school where a child attends as part of one of our frequent visits and volunteering events. Due to privacy, we do not permit visits to the child's home unless they are specifically invited by the family.