Home Visit Program - December 2018

First Posted: 08-Dec-2018

Our recent outreach program ran from December 10th to 15th in Mpigi and Wakisdistricts, and we are taking a more individual and holistic approach.

Throughout the week, our team in Uganda visited patients identified in our last twp rograms who are living with cancer or HIV/Aids, providing individuals with medical, psychological and social support services.

The activities will cover two groups of patients.

Cancer sufferers (the majority of our patients)

  • Reviewing and maintaining individual healthcare plans
  • Providing pain-relief medication for those in a palliative stage and approaching end of life
  • Providing family counselling and education where necessary
  • For those in particular need, providing food packages

HIV/Aids sufferers

  • Reviewing and maintaining individual healthcare plans
  • Providing ongoing counselling and education, with a particular focus on school-aged patients with regard treducing/stopping the possibility of infecting additional patients.

We provided education and counselling to family carers, to help reduce stress, discuss additional coping mechanisms and provide additional support where necessary. Family carers are the day-to-day lifeline for cancer and HIV/Aids sufferers, and are often overlooked by traditional healthcare providers.

Provisions Supplied

Many patients are too unwell to make a living, and their families are already under significant financial and emotional stress. As part of our regular family visits, we bring patients food parcels where we feel this will make a difference.

Parcels include Soya and millet flour (for porridge), Sugar, Soap and detergents and cleaning products.


A huge thank-you to our team on the ground in Uganda, and our supporters both locally in the region and back in Australia. Without your help, we would not be able to continue to support those in need!

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